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Men’s Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are a great way to add a bit of individuality and flair almost any type of outfit and suit many occasions. Contrary to particular to belief, not all leather bracelets are plain and simple, with there actually being a wide variety of choice within the leather bracelet category ranging from embroidered and decorated, to those with gold and silver plaques. You may not think that leather bracelets or other jewellery is “for you” and in that case, you’ll probably be surprised by the variety on offer, and the wide selection available which means that it’s pretty unlikely that’s there absolutely nothing that catches your eye. Here is simply an overview of the variety on offer, and a suggestion as to which one is best suited to you and even how to wear it.

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Leather Bracelets - What’s on Offer?

The starting point for any leather bracelet is, of course, going to be the leather – if it’s genuine leather it will be incredibly soft and comfortable, the kind of thing you could keep on days without even realizing! Of course, you can get different types of leather that have been treated in different ways and therefore will have different types of textures, it’s mainly up to personal preference what type leather your bracelet is made from. The leather need not be shaped into a plain cuff, it can be braided into different designs, such as the round braided bolo, the regular braided bolo, and the regular braid. The texture of your leather will depend on whether it has been braided, and if it has, which braid it was fashioned into. If you want to experiment with making your own leather bracelet, you could also try a whole variety of other braids to give your bracelet a unique look and feel.


If you prefer, you can get a leather bracelet in a blank and bare cuff, or you could get something a little more colourful like leather bracelets decorated with gems and beads, and a variety of other embellishments. More than anything, it depends on what you gravitate towards naturally – be that a splash of colour, or a simple and clean look. Of course, when it comes to leather bracelets, you don’t only need to look at ones targeted specifically to men, within the unisex category there are yet more options between the different types of thick, thin, and slim leather bracelets. There is a large scope for personalization with leather bracelets, and you have the option of adding special and memorable dates and names, perhaps you can get the name of the person you are gifting the bracelet to embroidered or pressed onto the leather itself, to make the gift that much more personal. If you wish, you could even get gems or jewels that may have special meaning to you because of a special event or person. Therefore, leather bracelets are in many sense a blank canvas, and you can give your bracelet as much or as little emotional significance as you wish!


You can even get plaques of gold, silver or any other metal on your leather bracelet. These types of bracelets are of course pricier but go very well with the more sophisticated outfits you may wear for special occasions such as weddings and graduations. If you do wish to acquire a bracelet with silver or gold, the general advice is that gold goes better with warmer skin tones, and silver is better with colder skin tones, though some people suit both gold and silver equally well. It’s worth finding out which metal compliments your skin tone better because it means you’re much more likely to a worthwhile purchase, especially if you are spending a fair amount of cash.

Looking at the more technical aspects of a leather bracelet, you would need to decide how you would prefer to fasten your bracelet- which method is quicker and easier for you. You can find leather bracelets that are closed by locking a pin into place or those with buckles and adjustable straps, but you can also find the standard one-size-fits-all bracelet if you don’t have any particular preference. It is recommended that you do your research or maybe look at bracelets you already own as guidance.

How Should I Wear Them?

The most effective way to wear leather bracelets is sparingly – that doesn’t mean once a month, it means limiting yourself to one or two bracelets at any one time. Of course, some guys do a like a stack of 4 or 5 on their wrist, which is fine if that’s their personal taste, but if you are trying to achieve a classy and sophisticated look then sticking to a minimalist approach will tick more boxes for you. There’s a risk, particularly if you’re in formal wear, of overdoing it with bracelets or other jewellery. Having a precise and clean, rather than hectic and busy look, looks much more elegant and refined. If you are in casual wear, leather bracelets are still a worthwhile addition to your outfit if you want to add something a little different. Of course, there is no “specific” outfit that would go well with leather bracelets, as they are a very versatile piece of jewellery and can be worn regardless of whether you’re wear shorts, a hoodie, a t-shirt or a tux! A casual bracelet suits most occasions, but it could be said that not every occasion is suited to an armful of leather bracelets, for example, a job interview, where you likely won’t want to look casual but mature and serious. Therefore, use your own initiative and consider whether the bracelet/s are suited to the situation.

Overall however, leather bracelets are perfect if you want to add a bit of flair and uniqueness to your daily outfit, especially because your bracelet can be as personal to you as want it to be, and reflect who you are. They are great stepping stone if you are looking to add more types of jewellery to your look, as they allow you to start off very plain and simple, as per your tastes.


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