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Resin Rings

Resin nowadays means any liquid that will solidify into something with the consistency of enamel or other such hard substances. Therefore, if you’re wondering what a resin ring is, it is at its core a ring that has been produced as a result of a gooey liquid that eventually solidifies into a see-through and solid resin, and showcases the many wonders and treasures that are placed inside, ranging from glowing shards to sparkles to breath-taking scenes of nature. The theme of nature features heavily within resin rings, so if you have ever found yourself captivated by scenes of sunsets and splendid seas, then resin rings are no doubt a perfect match for you.

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Resin Rings

Why are they special? Many would say that the most remarkable feature about many resin rings is that they cannot be replicated. Each takes its own individual and unique form, and no craftsmen, no matter how skilled they may be, can get two resin rings to be directly identical. Instead, the scene, the beauty, the smooth and sharp edges on your resin ring, cannot be found on anyone else’s, which is part of the reason they are so appealing to so many; your resin ring is yours, and will always be unique to you (just make sure you don’t take it off and forget about where you put it!). Aside from that, you truly only need to take one look at resin rings to see why they stand out a mile from their competition; they don’t offer expensive jewels and hefty price tags, but they offer an entire world, an entire scene, a portrait to gaze at in awe.

Whilst a lot of high-end jewellery is the product of impressive skill and effort, there is no doubt that resin rings are particularly stunning pieces of art. You can choose between varieties of shades, as well as which flower/s you want to feature in your ring. It could be a flower that has a particular emotional significance for you, or perhaps a flower that you have always admired from afar. We all know that there are countless sapphire, opal, gold, diamond rings, and however coveted they may be they can run the risk of becoming cliché – resin rings are out of the ordinary, and the beauty of them is that even if you encounter others who take a liking to resin rings, their collection could be wildly different to yours, i.e. theirs feature autumnal shades and wooden bases, whereas your collection might feature waterfalls and blossoms – the resin rings that you own and wear will reflect the person you are and will be individual and striking rather than generic. You’ll likely never have to fear about needing a conversation starter again if you’re wearing one of these rings!

We all know that there are countless sapphire, opal, gold, diamond rings, and however coveted they may be they can run the risk of becoming cliché – resin rings are out of the ordinary, and the beauty of them is that even if you encounter others who take a liking to resin rings, their collection could be wildly different to yours, i.e. theirs feature autumnal shades and wooden bases, whereas your collection might feature waterfalls and blossoms – the resin rings that you own and wear will reflect the person you are and will be individual and striking rather than generic. You’ll likely never have to fear about needing a conversation starter again if you’re wearing one of these rings!

How are they made?

Resin rings are made by pouring resin that can solidify and harden (usually after a period of 24-48 hours) into a mould. Whilst the resin is still gooey and therefore malleable the decorations and colouring are added to the ring, and these will feature in the finished piece. It is at this stage where small flowers, crystals, shards and different dyes can be added in and manipulated to give all kind of effects and create natural scenes within the ring.

The resin itself can have a variety of appearances, from being a solid colour to being ombre to being translucent, depending on what the craftsmen are trying to achieve. Once the resin has solidified it cannot be internally modified, though of course it can still be polished and neatened from the outside. The resin ring can be worn as it is or can sit on a wooden base. Either way, to finish the ring, it must be sanded and smoothed down, after which extra coats of polish can be added to give the ring an extra shine. If the resin ring is one that can glow in the dark, that feature would now be tested out in a dim room to see if truly dazzles as you would want it to. Once the ring is preened and polished, there is nothing left to do but wear it, admire it and treasure it!

How to wear them/ which outfits and social situations: It’s difficult to envision a setting where resin rings don’t belong – they can add beauty to any moment and memory, to every picture and every pose. Because resin rings often feature some element of nature, it is only natural that they would go very well with summery and flowery clothes, but rest assured if you are feeling more of a plain and simple vibe, resin rings will still spark up your look! They will not particularly clash with any form of clothing, and you can pick and choose the shade of resin ring that you wear depending on the colour scheme of your outfit. They complement any occasion well, during more sombre moments they are a reminder of the beauty of life, and yet still the passage of time – nature always reminds us that that which comes must go. During some of the more exhilarating and exciting moments in your life, be that a wedding, a vacation or a graduation, it will add sparkle to your look and serve as a memento of some of the best moments of your life. Rest assured, resin rings will likely be the part of your collection that are the most stunning and vibrant, and you’ll never get tired of their charm and beauty, not even after gazing at the wonders inside them for the hundredth time.


Saturday, 30 September 2017

Tungsten Rings

Men’s Tungsten rings are seeing a massive increase in popularity, they are now the go-to choice for many men tasked with finding a ring for the first time. As such, many men are looking into replacing the traditional gold wedding ring with a tungsten wedding ring. Tungsten is a heavy metal which is also incredibly hard and will keep its shines no matter what kind of conditions and abuse you throw at it. Fun fact: tungsten is so hard, long lasting, strong and has such a high melting point that it’s commonly used as a filament in incandescence light bulbs. A couple might be persuaded to buy a tungsten wedding ring as their durability could be used to symbolise their permanent and forever love (aww).

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Why Pick a Men’s Tungsten Ring





The main benefit of tungsten is its resilience and hardness, which means it’ll last an incredibly long amount of time, tens if not hundreds of years. Additionally, tungsten will not easily tarnish, which means if it’s finished to a bright shine, it’ll keep on shining. A well-polished tungsten ring will have an almost mirror-like finish, which is unlike any other metal. As the metal is incredibly tough, it’s also innately resistant to scratching. Tungsten is roughly 300% harder than titanium and nearly as much as 900% harder than 18-carat gold.


If you’ve ever worn a silver or gold ring before, then you’ll know how easily they can scratch and lose their lustre. Tungsten does not have this problem. Anyone that works with their hands goes to the gym, occasionally does gardening or performs a spot of DIY can benefit from wearing a hard wearing and manly ring.

How To Make Your Own Tungsten Ring

If you’re thinking about buying a Tungsten ring, or you’re considering forging your own, then you’ll probably want to know how they are made.

The first step involves grinding up some choice pieces of Wolframite ore, carbon and a couple of other choice elements, ensure the mixture is like a fine powder. Take the ore mixture and place it into a ring blank, you really have to stuff it in there, hydraulics will probably help to get as much powder into the blank as possible.

Take the powder filled ring blank and fire it in an oxygen-free furnace, ensure the temperature exceeds 1400 Degrees Celsius. Once the ring has been well cooked you’ll end up with what looks like a solid black blank. This blank needs to be ground into the required shape and then polished as required. At the end of this procedure, you’ll have a beautiful hardwearing Tungsten Ring. Alternatively, you could buy one from us instead.

Types of Men’s Tungsten Ring

Despite the forging process being quite difficult, long and complicated, there are actually many variations of the tungsten ring available to buy. This is largely due to the ever-increasing popularity of these masculine rings.

Classic Dome Tungsten Ring

Widely considered to be the quintessential wedding ring. The ring is available in widths ranging from 2mm through to 16mm and it can be finished in a range of styles, from satin through to colourful.

Classic Court Flat Tungsten Ring

The court flat tungsten ring is a simple yet elegant style and is characterised by the flat top of the ring.

Coloured Tungsten Ring

This ring is often black and gold, but may also be silver, platinum or bronze in colour. A single highlighted brightly coloured line down the middle of the ring or a coloured inner surface serves to add a splash of colour.

Carved Tungsten Ring

This type of ring encompasses a range varieties which might be a ridge, faceted or textured in many other ways.

Brushed or Grooved Tungsten Ring

Can come in many forms but they are generally matt in appearance.

All of these styles are suitable for men to wear and what you pick largely comes down to personal preference.

What Else to Consider

There are some things that are worth keeping in mind when picking a tungsten ring. Perhaps most importantly you need to know that these rings cannot be resized. Due to incredible toughness and the forging process, there is just no practical way of resizing a ring. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that you know your ring size before deciding to buy. You’ll also want to take into consideration the size of your knuckles and what any weather changes, changes in altitude or injuries might do to the size of your fingers.

Many men have knuckles which are larger than the rest of their finger, which might make putting the ring on a bit difficult. If you are someone with knuckles that exceed the base of their finger, then it’s well worthwhile considering getting a larger ring size. Changes to pressure and weather conditions can cause fingers to swell, if you’re one of the people that find they have swollen fingers in hot weather, this may be something you’ll want to consider when choosing your ring size. Ideally, you’ll want a ring that fits all year round, regardless of the weather, heat and pressure.

Watch out for rings that are made with cobalt and nickel, especially if you have allergies. Many people find that they have an allergic reaction to nickel, which even if it’s very mild, might become uncomfortable over time. It’s best to leave nickel out when picking your ring. Tungsten rings that have cobalt included might not be as resilient as vanilla Tungsten ring, this may or may not be a problem, depending on how much abuse you’re going to through at your ring. If you might end up hitting the ring with a hammer, this is probably an issue.

The rings are quite heavy and can be quite large. If you want something slender and lightweight then tungsten is probably not a great choice, having said that, slimmer tungsten rings are now becoming available.

Caring for a Tungsten Ring

If you’ve decided to go ahead and purchase a tungsten ring, you’ll want to ensure its kept in great condition, continuing to stay beautiful and bright.

Despite tungsten rings being made from one of the hardest materials available, they are not impervious to damage. If you can, remove your ring before undertaking any DIY or going to the gym. As well as keeping your ring safe, this also helps keep you safe.

Wash the ring with soap and water regularly. You can clean the ring while you’re still wearing it, but it should be done regularly. This helps keep your ring and fingers sanitary, but it also helps to prevent the oils and salts from your hand adversely affecting the ring.

Lastly, enjoy your Tungsten ring, with the right treatment and care it’ll last many generations of wear.


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Men's Bracelets

Once we establish the idea that any man can wear a bracelet if they so choose, the next question is ‘why should you wear a men’s bracelet?’.

The purpose of a good looking and carefully selected bracelet isn’t substantially different from any other piece of jewellery, for example a ring or necklace. The bracelet’s purpose is to compliment your look, a noticed accessory, it’s not intended to be the central focus of your outfit, but rather a part which adds to the overall feel of the ensemble.

What kind of bracelet you wear will largely depend on the types of outfits you wear. If you’re often suited and booted, then you’ll probably want to select an upmarket metallic bracelet. If you’re more often found wearing shorts and a worn t-shirt, you’ll likely going to want a bracelet which compliments that look, a leather, rope or beaded bracelet which looks rustic might be the perfect option.

It’s important to realise that in both of the examples provided, the role of the bracelet was identical, it’s emphasising your overall sense of style. Just like any other type of well-chosen accent, it’s function is to demonstrate that your look is intentional and that effort has been made to look the way that you do. You’re not just wearing a suite because you have to, you’re wearing the suit because you want to look good, and a carefully selected bracelet makes that intention clear.

It’s my opinion that bracelets, like necklaces, look their absolute best when they look like they’ve been broken in a little bit. When a piece of jewellery has too much shiny unblemished metal on show it can look a bit too blingy and gaudy. You’ll want to have your jewellery look like it’s been around the block a few times, that it’s travelled the world and been on an adventure. It’s part of your life’s story.

A word of warning that’s worth bearing in mind – get something that fits. A chunk of metal that slides around on your wrist becomes frustrating, distracting and occasionally painful after a very short amount of time. A bracelet with a little bit of weight to it needs to be fitted fairly snuggly, while pieces made from leather, rope or are beaded can have a little bit more give in them.

One of the major problems with men’s bracelets is that much of the classic menswear won’t easily accommodate a bracelet without detracting from the look.

To put it another way, unless you’re getting your sleeves tailored to specifically accommodate a bracelet, your suit and shirt cuffs are going to be competing for the same wrist space as a bracelet, not to mention competing with your watch as well.

This fact can mean that men’s bracelets are mostly a summer accessory when short sleeves are abound and there’s nothing restricting your ability to show off your bracelet. But, this does not necessarily mean you can’t wear a bracelet with a long sleeves outfit, you just need to be smart about it.

Here’s our fool proof guide on how to wear a men’s bracelet without it looking out of place or awkward:
• Treat your bracelet like a wristwatch – that is to say, fitted snuggly against the skin and under any sleeves that are long enough to cover them. 
• Feel free to stack multiple thin cord bracelets, it’s part of the look, just don’t do the same for thick metal bracelets.
• You can wear a wristwatch on the same wrist as a thin cord bracelet, you can’t do the same thing with a metal bracelet.
• Don’t mix smart looking metal bracelets with rustic leather bracelets. 
• One wrist without any bracelets looks better than having both wrists containing bracelets. Having matching bracelets on each wrist is a no go, unless you’re trying to pull off a bondage hand cuffs look. 
• Lastly, don’t pay attention to the rules above if you know what you’re doing. There will always be individuals that can make any look work for them, but might look daft on anyone else. For the most part, stick to what we’ve laid out above and it’s unlikely you’ll go wrong.

It’s relatively easy to look out of place and uncomfortable if you have mismatches or excessive amounts of bracelets. It can look like you’re trying too hard, but haven’t quite got the hang of it or don’t know what look you’re going for. Keep things straightforward, simple and modest until you’ve got to grips with the style you want.

Types and Styles of Men’s Bracelets
Even an untrained eye can probably readily identify a bracelet that’s not meant for male wrists. A slender and delicate metal bracelet which has been set with any number of precious stones are traditionally marketed for women only. That’s not to say that men can’t wear such jewellery, but that’s out of scope for this article as we want to focus on bracelets specifically tailored for men.

This still leaves a very large number of varied styles of men’s bracelets to choose from, some of which may come as a surprise to you, and might include styles you might not have considered previously. Here are some of the popular styles that are in use today:

Men’s Metal Bracelets
The simple metal band is probably one of most elegant styles of bracelet that are available for men, it’s also the type you’re most likely to see worn in conjunction with a suit and tie.

The variety and types available here are fairly substantial, but the overall goal is going to be the same. A single solid, masculine and bold piece of metal on your wrist. It’s uncomplicated, manly, and can make quite the statement.

A simple uncomplicated metal bracelet is ideal when you want something that’s a little bit flash and showy. Paired with classy and smart clothes it will speak for itself, providing flashes of brilliance when it appears from underneath your cuff.

In order to accommodate the metal bracelet you might want to keep your shirt sleeves a little shorter than you would normally, however this largely depends on the thickness of the bracelet and where it lies on your wrist. Whatever you do, don’t wear it over your dress shirt, or you’ll end up with a strange looking fringe of shirt cuff poking out underneath the bracelet – not a good look.

Keep clear of anything too flashy. One or at the most two colours of metal is more than enough and you’ll probably want to keep well away from gemstones. Most men’s metal bracelets are too chunky to pair with a wristwatch, in which case it’s a tossup between wearing a watch or wearing a bracelet.

Anchor Bracelets for Men
The nautical themed bracelet has become a mainstay of men’s fashion, so it’s not at all surprising that anchor bracelets have come to dominate this niche. The anchor bracelet is a perennial trend, which sees a surge in popularity every spring and summer. Investing in a nautical themed or anchor bracelet will therefor offer longevity and is the perfect piece to finish off an outfit which is inspired by boating or cruising along the Riviera.

The anchor bracelet concept comes in a range of finishes, materials and clasp types. Many bracelets will utilise the same materials you might find on a boat such as cord, rope, wood and canvas.

These bracelets are perfect for casual settings and will surely put you into the mood for enjoying the summer.

Beaded Bracelets for Men
When gathering photos and researching the bracelets available for this article, it quickly became apparent that one bracelet style is currently dominating photo shoots in terms of popularity: the beaded bracelet.

The range of bracelets available is quite extensive, from ethnic inspired wooden beads to high value ebony or crystal variants, there are even very colourful plastic statement versions. The range of styles available is truly vast and can accommodate almost any style preference or personal taste.

A significant part of the appeal stems from the fact that you can stack several types of beaded bracelets together in order to create a look that is truly unique and personalised. You can easily alter the size of beads, materials used and colours in order to create your own individual style, so whether you prefer something timeless and sophisticated or something bold and bright, you can complement your look effortlessly.

For example, black and greyscale tones will supplement a smart and tailored look very well. While a wooden beaded bracelet will offer a more natural and earthy look that works well with a heritage sense of style.

Beaded bracelets can also be used to inject a splash of colour into your ensemble, tying together an outfit by highlighting and picking out a subtle colour choice within the look. This can be accomplished by matching the beaded bracelet colour to a shirt, or simply add another complimentary element to an outfit which has been carefully layered and put together.

Men’s Rope Cord Bracelet
At the opposite end of the spectrum from metal bracelets you’ll come across rope cords, which come in a variety of styles and thicknesses.

Some of these are will be decorated while others aren’t. Macrame hemp bands which have various beads woven into them are the ultimate surfer accessory, while popular celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher have been spotted wearing Kabbalah strings, which is a sort of new age bracelet made from knotted red cord.

The advantage of these sorts of bracelets is that they are relatively inexpensive and can be personalised with very little effort. If you want, you can create your own with a little bit of practise. The style is very much relaxed, laid back and counter-culture, but not so much so that they won’t be accepted in most settings.

You might not be able to wear a rope bracelet to a board meeting in a traditionally conservative business, but in most other settings it’ll be perfectly acceptable. You’ll find the bracelets are quite common in businesses that are less traditional or want to create a creative culture, for example design studios or software development companies.

LiveStrong Charity Bracelets
As far as fashion accessories go, the ‘cause’ bands tend be brightly coloured, gaudy and slightly cheap looking, which means they are generally worn to support a cause or for fun, rather than to compliment a particular style. Feel free to wear them when a splash of colour won’t look out of place, or when you’re going to a social event where the bands might be a good conversation starter.

Wearing a cause band every single day, regardless of the other clothes your wearing, is probably not a great idea. Someone will undoubtedly do this, but try to be smarter and find a better way to support your cause. The bands don’t actually do much in terms of aesthetics or support, and wearing one every single day might do more harm than good, coming across as a little preachy or obsessive, especially to those who aren’t concerned with your chosen cause.

It’s of course your prerogative as to whether or not you think wearing a cause band is the best form of activism available, but there are undoubtedly better ways to support something. Give it a bit of thought and mix your style up a bit.

Men’s Rock & Roll Bracelet
This is a very nonspecific category, but think of skulls, scorpions and various other ‘badass’ symbols and you’ve summarised rock and roll jewellery quite nicely.

As a general guide, it falls into and out of fashion fairly consistently. So the best thing to do is wear it if you like it, and don’t wear it if you don’t, ignore the trends.

You’ll probably want to avoid wearing some of the larger stuff with a suit and tie, but otherwise it’s fair game for most types of outfits. Some guys are even capable of wearing a chain of skulls with a suit, as long as it’s only glimpsed and fits in with their other accessory choices.

Men’s Leather Bracelets
Braided or solid, the men’s leather bracelet is a piece of classic style. It goes great with a range of looks, from doc martins and a combat gear, to jeans and a tshirt, it’s difficult to find a casual combination that couldn’t benefit from a simple leather bracelet.

A coloured leather bracelet is another option and has a different feel and style, it can be worn by any guy that wants the width of a metal band, but without the bling, flash and weight. Braided ‘Turks head’ style of bracelets finished in brown leather are a classic take and can be slightly preppy, sometimes worn with the blazers and boat shoes in crowd.

Most men have already experienced wearing leather on their wrists in the form of a leather watch strap, so making the leap to a leather bracelet is not such a big step and can be one of the more appealing first steps into the world of men’s bracelets.

Leather bracelets innately retain a sense of masculinity and it can also be versatile and refined. This means that depending on the size and style of the leather bracelet, it can still be used with formal dress, while still retaining a slightly rebellious edge.

For example, a darkly coloured leather bracelet can very easily be worn with a smart suite and tie without looking out of place. Similarly, a slightly wider leather cuff can complement a t-shirt and jeans look, giving it a edgier rock & roll appeal.

Additionally, leather can work well with wristwatches, giving you the flexibility to wear a bracelet and watch.

Woven Bracelets for Men
The woven bracelet, like the beaded bracelet, is another style that is experiencing a resurgence and is becoming increasingly popular.

One of immediately obvious benefits of a woven bracelet is that the fabric versions are very affordable and are available in a diverse range of colours, which is great should you wish your bracelet to really stand out and act as a point of reference for the rest of your ensemble.

Additionally, woven bracelets can be stacked and combined with any number of leather or beaded bracelets in order to create a stacked visually interesting effect, without necessarily becoming scruffy or unkempt.

ID Bracelets
These were originally issues to soldiers during WWII and they quickly became a style icon during the 1950s. Due to the classic heritage, they will on occasions resurface as a fashion must have, often with the same very basic styling. The basic design of the ID bracelet consists of a thin metal chain with a rectangular plate centred on the tops of the wrist, much like the face of a wristwatch.

If you’re looking to rock the retro look, then one of these is an obvious choice. There’s no harm in having an ID bracelet if you like the style, coupled with a plain white tshirt and fitted jeans, you’ll look like you stepped out of 1950s America.

If it’s good enough for classic film stars such as James Dean, then it’s probably good enough for the rest of us… occasionally. Don’t overdo it though as it might be a bit of a gimmicky cliché.

Men’s Magnetic Bracelets
Bracelets which claim to offer health benefits resurface every few years and prove to be continuously popular with many that like to dabble in alternative therapies. They’re usually made from a single band of metal, quite thin, made from a range of metals and are often capped with a round ball at the end.

The claimed health benefits of such bracelets is not the purpose of this article, but aesthetically speaking they are generally difficult to recommend. Unless you’re a big believer in these types of bracelets then don’t bother.

If you happen to find that magnetic bracelets do really help with your travel sickness, arthritis or whatever other ailment, then that’s great, just wear them when you need to and not as a perpetual part of your look. There’s not a whole lot we can say about these bracelets other than the style exists and that’s it’s functional rather than fashion related.

At the end of the day, a quality bracelet does what any other quality accessory should do, complements and adds to the effect of the outfit you’re already wearing.

Since you’ll probably change style and outfit often, even day to day, you’ll want to shop for and buy bracelets that can fit in with a range of choices. If you want to limit what you need to buy, look for something that compliments the clothes you wear most often, a natural fit is preferred over a forced match.

That might mean that one guy buys lots of big, bold and chunky solid metal bracelets, while another guy buys a range of coloured leather bracelets. Or maybe you’ll want both in your collection so you can pick and choose what to wear each day based on the setting.

Start small and get a few simple pieces, over time you can grow your collection if you find that you like wearing bracelets. There’s no rush and it’s better to get one piece that you really like rather than lot’s that you think are OK.


Friday, 22 September 2017

My Pearls Scholarship

A £1000 Scholarship

My Pearls provides exciting modern and traditional jewellery from many exciting designers from all over the world. 

For example: Pearl Necklace

We recognise that power of written words powers the online world and we want to help the new generation of creative minds to demonstrate their skills in this area.

We have created the My Pearls Scholarship for any Postgraduate or Undergraduate students with a passion for Jewellery or Writing to receive a £1000 award.

Any students who are currently studying within the areas of Marketing, Business, Art and Design, IT or Communications may be very interested in this scholarship program.  Expertise in these areas is not essential, a passion for content creation and working in an online business is enough.

If you find this scholarship to be of interest but you have further questions, please don't hesitate in getting in contact with us.

General Terms of Participation

To participate in this scholarship program you will need to research and write a unique piece of content of between 500-1000 words on the following subject: "How the Internet has Changed Marketing in the Past 20 Years".

We would like you to include the following subtopics:

  • Why is internet marketing important?
  • What's the future of internet marketing?

The winning submission will receive £1000 that will ideally be used for course materials or other resources which directly benefit your studies.  Please read on for further details.

Eligibility and Creativity

The scholarship is only for students that are currently studying at college, university or at high school.

The content produced for the application must unique and as creative as possible. The essay should be able to convince any reader that you know what you're writing about and you're an expert in the subject area. 

We will judge the article on several criteria, for example creativity, content value and the information it provides.

How to Submit your Application

Firstly, write an article of between 500-1000 words long and submit it to us as a pdf file.  If you have a website or blog, please include a link to it.

When you have completed your essay, email it to us at jonathan@mypearls.co.uk with all of the details listed below.

  • Your personal details (Full name, telephone number and address).
  • The name of the school you're attending.
  • Your area of study
  • Proof that you are a student, preferably a picture of your student ID.

By submitting your content, you are giving us to publish and use your content for promotions and marketing purposes.


The deadline is December 31st, and the winner will be selected by January 20th. The winnings will be transferred to the winner by their preferred method, cheque, bank transfer, paypal etc.

We run the scholarship program every year.

Total Number of Submissions: 8


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Seven Examples of an Elegant Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is quite possibly the most thoughtful and best anniversary gift you could ever give to your wife. The style of ring has existed for well over 4000 years, and for most of that time they have been a symbol of unity and undying love. If your anniversary is rapidly approaching and you’ve been stuck for ideas, then worry no more, because an eternity ring could be exactly what you’re looking for. Traditionally, men from different parts of the world and within different cultures would chose to give their wife an eternity ring on either their first or third wedding anniversary, but don’t let that stop you considering giving one for a birthday, Christmas or holiday present. Eternity rings embody the eternal and everlasting love you have your partner. It also signifies a significant and powerful bond you share and the commitment you’ve made to each other. Traditionally speaking, an eternity ring is used to mark critical milestones in a serious relationship.

The design of an eternity ring is unique, and will most often feature gemstones or diamonds all around the outside of the entire band. The appeal of this sort of ring is that no matter the angle the rings is viewed from, it’ll looking uniformly beautiful, with gems and diamonds glimmering round the edge. With its enduring appeal and stunning significance, it has always been a very popular option as a gift for the special women in our lives. Even though the popularity of the eternity ring is undisputed, it’s completely understandable if this is the first you’ve heard of them, which is why we’re here to guide you through the choices available and pick the perfect ring. So, if you don’t know the significance of the ring, when to give one, or which type would best fit for you lady, or if you're just looking for a gift, or you’re responding to subtle hints, we’re here to help.

A Brief History of Eternity Rings

Eternity rings, as we’ve already discussed, have throughout the ages been the symbol of a man’s everlasting love to the special women in his life. Traditionally, the ring is acquired by the man to give it to his wife on a special event, such as an anniversary or other wedding milestone. The husband may wish to gift the ring to his lady to mark a very special day, such as the birth of their first child together, or in remembrance of an anniversary.

Historically, an eternity ring would only be given as an expression of love. The ring is most commonly worn on third finger of the left hand. According the roman beliefs, this the finger which contains the Vena Amoris or ‘Vein of Love’. This vein is connected directly to the heart. Even though by today's standards, this belief is only recognised as a romantic sentimental myth, the influence the Romans had on today’s beliefs continue to be felt today, centuries after the fall of the Roman empire. If we had the ability to look back in time, we would need to look back as far as 2000BC in order to glimpse the first known eternity ring being forged in ancient Egypt. During this time, the eternity ring was already synonymous with love, but were not necessarily used to mark special anniversaries or occasions. The earliest examples of eternity rings featured quite simple designs, often featuring semi-precious stones. A common theme for eternity rings is a snake eating its own tail, which has long symbolised eternity and love.

During the 18th and 19th century, the design of eternity rings began to evolve. There are examples from the early 18th century, which demonstrate that eternity rings with selections of stunning gemstones were already being manufactured. Not only were the designs changing, but the rings were increasingly becoming available to the general public. In terms of timescales, gemstone eternity rings were the first to make an appearance, but diamond eternity rings soon followed and became increasing popular throughout the 19th century. Since then, diamonds have come to dominate the eternity rings market, become the mainstream option for most shoppers. Today, it’s not uncommon for an eternity ring to be worn together with the wedding and engagement on the ring finger of the left hand. The rings is most often sandwiched between the other two rings. However, this configurations is not absolutely set in stone, it could be worn on any finger on the left or right hand. Regardless, it still embodies the same significance, everlasting love.

When Should I Give an Eternity Ring?

Traditionally speaking, an eternity ring is most often given as a gift to a women when there’s a significant event taking place in the relationship. Any worthy milestone taking place for the couple can be celebrated with the gift of an eternity ring. An important event such as a the birth of the couple’s first child, a wedding anniversary, or even the birth of another child, can be commemorated with an eternity ring. These rings are beautiful and make for an impressively thoughtful gift, they are perfect for a multitude of occasions. Why not disregard tradition and opt to give an eternity ring as a first anniversary present? If you’re a traditionalist at heart, then you can always follow anniversary calendar and buy the ring to mark the special years of your marriage. For example, you might want to match the ring purchase with the corresponding gemstone for the year of marriage. A ruby eternity ring could be used to signify the 40th wedding anniversary, a sapphire eternity ring could be used to signify the 45th wedding anniversary, an emerald eternity ring would make for a perfect gift for the 55th wedding anniversary and finally the classic diamond eternity ring would make for a significant 60th wedding anniversary present.

Of course eternity rings do not have to be only given on your wedding anniversary. They are the embodiment of symbolising the cycle of life, and as such would make an ideal gift for a new mum. If you do decide to gift one of these rings to the new mum, then I would personally recommend choosing a diamond eternity ring. Perhaps go above and beyond, and write down some of your thoughts and emotions during this special time to accompany the ring. You can tell her how much she means to you and how grateful you are for the sacrifices she has made to bring this extra person into your family. It will not only make her feel special, but it will also emphasise the everlasting love and commitment you have for her. Of course, a simple ‘I love you’ can also work wonders, perhaps written on a tag attached to the ring.

Types of Ring

Full Eternity Ring

A full eternity ring can comes with a range of gemstones or diamonds on all sides of the ring, leaving no part bare. The whole band, ring, or shank is covered with spectacular gemstones. This type of ring is embodied by sparkling stones viewable from all angles. Most often the base will be made from a slim ring. This type of eternity ring works particularly well when worn with other rings, and as such is perfect if you want to wear it on the same finger as your engagement or wedding ring. As this ring features stones an all sides, they are extremely difficult to resize, and we would advise against even trying. For this reason, it’s extremely important to carefully select the correct size of eternity ring for your wife. You want to avoid picking the incorrect size and going through the hassle of returning the ring. If you can temporarily borrow an existing ring, or even the wedding or engagement ring, then you should be able to find the correct size. If you do happen to pick the wrong size, you can always ask the retailer if they can do an exchange, but be aware of restocking charges that may apply. If you want the best of the best, then a full diamond ring is the ideal choice.

Half Eternity Ring

As the name of the ring suggests, half eternity rings only feature diamonds or gemstones on one half of the ring. Of course the number of gemstones present largely depends on the size of the stones used and the size of the ring. On average, the stone content will likely be between five and nine stones. Most half eternity rings will feature uniformly sized gems or diamonds, however, some will feature a tapered gem design in order to create a more intriguing design. As you’d expect, a ring which contains fewer valuable gemstones will generally retail for less than full eternity rings, which makes them an affordable option which is well worth considering. Additionally, a half eternity ring can also be resized, unlike full rings, due to the fact it doesn’t have gemstones around the whole circumference.

Ring Settings

Eternity rings can come with a variety of stone settings. Every setting brings a unique look and style to the ring, so it’s worth considering when choosing your ring.  There are three primary types of ring settings which you might find, these include: bezel settings, channel setting and claw setting.

Claw Setting

The universally most popular type of setting you’ll encounter is the claw setting, this may also be called a prong setting in any literature. This type of setting is tried and tested having been used for setting stones for centuries, it’s one of the oldest types of settings known. It could be considered the traditional way of attaching a stone to a ring. The defining feature of the claw setting is the is the metal prongs that run up the side of the gem to hold it in place, effectively holding it like a claw, hence the name. This type of setting is definitely snug, the gems don’t have much ability to move around. We would warn you that it’s important to take care of rings with claw settings, you’ll want to ensure the claws do not become bent or misshaped. The claw setting is particularly well suited for round gem stones, because the claw does not cover the whole of the gem, it allows for the greatest surface area to reflect light and shimmer. If you’re interesting in choosing shiny gemstones, such as diamonds, then picking a ring with a claw setting is an obvious choice, by maximising light penetration and therefor showing off the stones best optical characteristics. An eternity ring which utilises gems set in claw settings will almost certainly stand out, even when viewed at multiple angles. There a few different types of claw fittings, perhaps one of the most interesting choices for an eternity ring is the shared prong. In this configuration the gems share prongs, allowing the gems to be placed side to side, maximising the amount of beautiful gems that your ring is capable of holding.

Channel Setting

The channel setting is a relatively new type of ring setting, it’s non-traditional and offers several advantages over the other setting types, which could mean it’s the perfect choice for you. This type of setting holds gems in place by setting the gems within a groove or channel which has lip that sits above the gems, meaning the gems can’t fall out. The groove often gives a floating appearance to the gemstones, which is an interesting feature all by itself. The setting is well suited for princess cut stones, round stones and baguette cut stones. If you’re buying the ring for someone that’s active, then this fitting might be an ideal choice. The stones are perfectly secured, and flush against the ring, which means there are less protrusions which could cause the ring to snag. The stones will continue to have good luster and shine as light is still able to easily penetrate the stones.

Bezel Setting

The bezel setting is another example of a very secure type of gem setting. Bezel settings can also be known as bar setting. The characteristics of the setting means not only are the gem and diamonds held firmly in place, but they are also framed by the metal of the ring. Unlike claw settings or paved setting, which generally puts each stone close to each other on the eternity ring, the bezel setting is good for presenting each stone as an individual. The bezel frames every stone separately, which allows the eye to distinguish each individual gem, each diamond or stone is treated as an individual piece. If you’re in the market for a unique eternity ring, then look no further than a bezel setting. This type of ring is both fashionable and contemporary. One the defining features of this type of setting, is that the diamonds and gemstones used can be a variety of different sizes and cuts. The metal used on the ring and how it’s formed around them gems can play an important part, allowing for both the gemstone and the metal design to be significant. The setting still allows for decent light penetration, so your gems will still shimmer at their best.

We now hope that you’re armed with he prerequisite knowledge to go out and find the perfect eternity ring, and you’ll have a good idea of what design or shape would work best for the love of your life. Whether you decide to choose a full eternity ring or a half eternity ring, our top picks will hopefully make your decision that much easier.


Monday, 18 September 2017

The Magnificent Amethyst Ring

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable gift for the special girl in your life, then an amethyst ring is a beautiful option worthy of consideration. Large, wonderful amethysts are often found on antique cocktail rings, which gives them a delightful antiquated yet fashionable look, they truly are a splendorous gift that any discerning lady would appreciate.


Amethysts are classified as semi-precious stones. It is a form of quartz crystal, but one which has a unique purple hue, they are undoubtedly a significant type of mineral, with unparalleled natural appeal. In case you didn’t already know, Amethysts are the traditional birthstone of anyone born in February, making it the perfect choice for any February birthday girls. Additionally, it is the gemstone for anyone celebrating their sixth or seventeenth wedding anniversaries. It is said that Amethysts represent a profound sense of well being and satisfaction with life. The gem continues to offer an enduring appeal for many, and is well known semi-precious stone and is loved by many people in all walks of life. Amethysts are timeless in their appeal and have been sought after and well regarded for centuries. Some believe that amethysts have an inner energy, one which has the ability to empower the individual and to soothe a troubled mind.

Amethysts Through History

One of the first cultures recorded as having a love affair with flawless purple amethysts was the ancient Greeks. The Greeks related these gemstones with the wine god, Bacchus, which is perhaps unsurprising, given the gemstones colouring being similar to a grape. They Greeks allegedly wore the crystal in order to protect themselves from become inebriated, how successful this ploy was is somewhat debatable. This belief lead to the name for the gemstone we have now, in ancient Greece “amethystos” translates into “not intoxicated”, which might suggest their theory at least worked on the psychological level. As per the legendary properties, an amethyst gem is said to keep the wearer fully lucid and smart. Artist, inventor and all round smart guy Leonardo da Vinci believed that amethysts are able to improve knowledge retention and protect you from less than desirable thoughts.

Looking into Greek Mythology, Amethyst was a young, playful virgin who became a victim of the Greek God Dionysus’s red wine induced drunken antics. Amethyst is said to have appealed and shouted for help from the Goddess Diana. The goddess obviously thought the appropriate response to an appeal to help was to turn the young lady into a white, opalescent quartz stone (who knows how Greek gods minds work). Once Dionysus sobered up, he regretted his inebriated behaviour and cried. The gods tears streamed into his cup of red wine, which upended, pouring teary salty wine all over the white quartz crystal, turning it into a purple gemstone which we now know as Amethysts. I’m not sure what the life lesson for this tale is, I suspect it’s don’t bother Greek gods when they are drinking, or when they are sober.


Amethyst crystals have been incorporated into a host of royal collections throughout the world, from the ancient Egyptians, through to the British royal families gems. The Smithsonian institution is said to have acquired an Amethyst in excess of a whopping 200kg. There is evidence that suggests that ancient societies favoured this gemstone above all other precious jewels. Currently this stone is seeing a resurgence of popularity, equalling that of ruby’s and sapphires.

During the early days of the Christian church, amethysts evidently played an important role, for example, they would often be used as the main gemstone in bishops rings. The imperial purple shading has noteworthy significance and is said to represent Christ. Saint Valentine who’s name day is all above love, was described as wearing a ring set featuring cupid intricately carved into an amethyst. Additionally, the precious stone is the emblem of Saint Matthias. Likewise, they are numerous biblical references to amethysts. It was one of the twelve precious stones set into the chief priest Aaron’s breastplate.

Until fairly recently, genuine amethysts were prized and given the same status as diamonds. However, after massive deposits of the stones where discovered across South America and other locations, the stones abundance significantly increased. This overabundance lead to the diminishing intrinsic value of the stone, however, it doesn’t detract from the natural beauty of the gem.

Amethyst Ring Buying Guide

In centuries past, an amethyst would only be in financial reach of the nobility. Nowadays, the story is somewhat different, the gem is incredibly popular and accessible, owing in part to the cost of the stone, but also due to its enduring aesthetic appeal. What makes the amethyst stand out against its gemstone piers is the fact that the stones cost does not exponentially increase as the carat value of the stone goes up, for example a 2ct amethyst will most often cost twice as much as a 1ct amethyst, while the same cannot be said for a ruby or diamond. Instead, the value of an amethyst depends largely on its shading. It’s worth noting that there is no internationally recognised grading system, so it’s vital to understand what to look for when buying an amethyst ring.

Colour Matters

An amethyst colours can vary greatly from gemstone to gemstone, ranging from a deep rich crimson purple through to pale lilac. Additionally, the clarity can range from crystal clear to a translucent quartz. Most jewellery makers prefer a rosy purple to subdued purple, as long as the gems brilliance is not adversely affected. In extreme cases, an extremely dark and dim gem may looks black, which of course has its own appeal.

A gem with brown or earthy tints within the purple hue, or a stone with any easily identifiable shading zoning, is intrinsically worth less than a stone without these defects. Any wholesaler purchasing these stones in bulk will most often inspect the stones for such flaws, which is facilitated by having the jewels against a solid white background.

The ‘ideal’ amethyst would be a deeply set purple shade, with negligible or non-existent shading edging. The stone will look positively brilliant in natural sunlight, possibly less so under synthetic lighting. The rich purple hue will be strikingly vibrant, taking on an opulent purple which might be accompanied by flashes of rose colouring. An amethyst with a light shading or which has areas of light or subdued purple hues are intrinsically less valuable. Perhaps the most sought after and valuable amethyst originate from Siberia, these gems are often deeply purpled with brilliant flashes of red and blue.

Luster and Lucidity

Amethysts are classified as a type 2 gemstone. A type 2 gemstone would generally expected to have a couple of incorporations and are most often no ‘eye clean’. This means that a jewellery quality gem could be expected to have some incorporations which are visible to the naked eye, having said that there’s a good chance an untrained eye would be unable to notice such flaws. A ‘eye clean’ gem is of course generally speaking worth more than a similarly shaded gem which includes incorporations.

The majority of the faceted amethyst market is ‘eye clean’. Stones originating from Africa, and in particular from Zambia, have a unique and beautiful raspberry shading. They also have a tendency to have more incorporations, at least compared to such stones from other regions, for example Brazil. However, it is widely accepted that the profound shading makes up for any perceived flaws, and the gems are often sought for faceted stones. Any ‘eye clean’ gems with the same raspberry shading would be highly sought after.

Amethysts with profound eye noticeable flaws, but with beautiful shading are not discarded, these will often find their way into jewellery as beads or cabochons. Such beads and cabochons with brilliant shading and lucidity can fetch a premium price tag at market. On occasions, an amethyst may undergo crack repairing treatment in order to increase the gems value and lucidity.

Cut Gems

Just like other gemstones, amethysts can be cut into a range of shapes and designs. For example, ovals, circles, emerald cuts, cushions, pears, triangles and much more besides. Designs are dictated by fashions and changing tastes over time, however, triangular and kite shaped designs, which are also known as splendid cuts, are increasingly popular choices. The preferred cut or shape is of course a very personal choice, there is no right or wrong option.

Amethysts are also particularly well suited to custom or freestyle cuts and shapes, owing largely to their availability and the forgiving nature of the stone. The cutting can be accomplished by both traditional manual methods or with the assistance of modern day electronic tools. The appeal of a custom cut gemstone is undeniable, it offers the purchaser a way to have a unique piece of jewellery unlike any other piece in the world. It’s also possible to have a gem carved or engraved with something significant for the wearer, whether that’s carving the gem into the shape of an exotic animal or engraving the initials of a loved one, the options are endless.

Gem Carat Weight

Amethysts come in a range of sizes and weights, and are particularly well suited for large center stones, since the value of the stone does not increase dramatically increase as the size of the stone increased. Most amethyst jewellery purchased will be found in adjusted cuts, this basically means the gems are cut to industry sizes.

Gem Cleaning

An amethyst ring can be cleaned with warmed water and a very mild cleaning agent, a soft bristled brush can then be used to clean any nooks and crannies. After cleaning, the ring should be gently patted dry and allowed to air dry thoroughly before being stored or worn. Alternatively, the ring may also be cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner. Please bear in mind that amethyst rings should not be exposed to direct sunlight for any length of time, the sun will have a bleaching effect over time, causing the purple colouring to pale. You should never heat the ring excessively or use a steam cleaner.

Amethyst Ring Conclusion

If you don’t have the budget for a natural amethyst ring, you can opt for a manufactured gemstone instead. It’s worth keeping in mind that a manufactured amethyst will rarely have the same reflective qualities or deeply engrained hues that are possible in a natural stone. Any manufactured stone should be labelled as such, so it should be relatively straightforward to easily identify a natural stone from a lab made variant. The majority of natural stones originate from Brazil, Austria, Russia, Zambia and South Korea.

Some jewellers may work to enhance the shade of an amethyst with what’s called warmth treatment. This can in some circumstances turn the stone slightly yellow, brown, red, uncoloured or occasionally green. If the stone is no longer purple, then this process might be the cause.

If you want a wonderfully unique and fashionable ring, then choose an amethyst ring.