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Babyliss Curl Secret Review

If like me you have straight and sometimes lifeless looking hair, you might be forgiven for dreaming of a having a head full of perfectly formed, glossy and sexy curls, or at the very least having loose beach waves that will stay in place for the whole day. I never really thought it would be possible, but I now have a secret weapon at my disposal, the Babyliss Curl Secret. I’m very excited to share my review with you and hope you’ll find it useful.

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To give you a little bit of background on my situation, my history with hair styling is a bit and misses, but mostly miss. I have been lucky enough to have worked with many hairstylists and been privy to professional advice, tips and tricks, as well as being in a position to try out many new gadgets which should have made me a hairstyling whiz. However, my ability to style my own hair is woefully lacking. I know exactly what I should be doing, but I can’t seem to put the theory into practice.

I’ve tried nearly every available hair curler on the market, from wands, tongs, heated rollers, ceramic curlers and GHD. Unfortunately, the result has nearly always been a disappointing failure; I just couldn’t get it right.

Often one side of my hair looked great and the other side looked like a complete dogs dinner, the hair strands where ridged or the ends just never looked right, the curls never made it past lunchtime and nearly every attempt resulted in a minor burn to my hands, scalp or ears, all from using the device badly.

My saving grace is that thankfully I have yet to completely burn off a strand of hair during one of my doomed attempts at curling. Sadly this was my first thought when I heard about the Babyliss automatic curler, but as it turns out, my concerns were completely unfounded, as you’ll discover in this review.

Fear and unfounded prejudice aside, I can hold my hand up and say that the Babyliss Curl Secret is, without a doubt, the most capable curling device I have ever used. In the rest of this article I’ll tell you about my experiences using this product, how to use it successfully, some tips and tricks I’ve picked up and anything else I think is worth mentioning.

The Curl Secret Review

The Babyliss Curl Secret is the consumer version and name given to the professional tool from the same brand, the Perfect Curl. The clever technology automatically draws in strands of hair into its ceramic chamber and heats it to the perfect temperature and from every angle in order to create a flawless curl. Once the process has completed simply release the hair and you’ll end up with a beautiful curl.

Even though the hair seems to be sucked up into the device, the technology actually uses a specially designed catcher that winds the hair into the heated chamber, it’s in this chamber that the hair is suspended and then heated from all sides.

This treatment technique is actually pretty interesting and is well worth knowing about, it’s this method that allows the product to work so effectively. Rather than holding the hair against a barrel or against a heated plate under tension, the hair is free and unconstrained. This is far gentler on the hair, which is reflected in the curls and in how shiny your hair will look after treatment.

In only a few seconds, you’ll have a stunning looking ringlet. So, depending on your hair type, length, thickness and all that stuff, in around 20 minute your hairstyle will be completed. One of the best features of this gadget is that it’s an absolute breeze to use and the curls last far longer than they do when using hot rollers, curling wands or a straightening iron.

Babyliss Curl Secret Review

Even if you have no training or instructions you can literally just pick up the machine and get to work curling your hair, I’m a testament to how idiot-proof it really is. With two heat settings to pick from and three timer settings, you can quickly and easily create a range of types of curls, from defined ringlets to natural waves or even free-flowing loos beach waves.

Additionally, the Babyliss Curl Secret will automatically alternate the curling direction to give your hair a more natural look, it will also minimize frizz thanks to what they call the Ionic conditioning system which also prolongs how long the curls will stay in place, often changing into beautiful waves after a night’s sleep.

I especially love how easy it is to do the back of my hair without any additional hassle and that it’s all done very quickly.

How to use Babyliss Curl Secret

You might be one of those women that can use a straightening iron to easily achieve beautiful waves, but I have never been one to have much success with this method, I would invariably end up with ugly looking ridges where I started the curl. Using curling irons, I would have problems curling the end of my hair without creating a ridge.

As you might have guessed, I have no hair skills whatsoever and my only option if I ever wanted to curl my own hair was to use an automatic curler. It really is incredibly easy to use and it only takes a few seconds to create the flawless curl, which is not only strong and flexible but is also well defined.

The number one thing to remember when using the Babyliss Perfect Curl is to always position the barrel of the curler towards your hair. That means the heating chambers opening should always be angled to face you.

The second most important thing to remember is to ensure your hair is clean, free of tangles, straight and frizz free. Don’t add anything to your hair other than maybe a heat protectant. DO NOT use any sort of styling products i.e. hairspray or mousse.

Getting started with the Perfect Curl is very straightforward. I’ll normally start by sectioning my hair while the device heats up. You’ll know when it’s up to temperature when the light on the device stops flashing. As a safety feature it has a 20-minute sleep mode function, which means if you leave it idle for too long, it’ll turn itself off and begin to cool down.
If you’re like me you’ll usually try to split your hair into three sections, consisting of two lateral sections and one back section, this works when I use a curling wand. When I was using the Curl Secret, I found it easier to work slightly differently, starting at the base of one side and gradually working my way backwards. I then reverse the process and start on the other side. It sounds more complicated than it actually is and shouldn’t cause you any problems.

The curler allows for one of three predefined heat settings to be selected – 190c, 210 c and 230c. Additionally, there are three timer settings:
• 3 beeps which equate to 8 seconds and will create loose wavy hair.
• 4 beeps which equate to 10 seconds and will create soft flowing curls.
• 5 beeps which equate to 12 seconds and will create more defined curls.

You can adapt the heat settings to your hair type and to whatever look you’re going for. For defined curls, use the 12 seconds setting and hold the hair in for longer, for loose waves, bring down the temperature setting or the time.

I would suggest that if you have dyed, fine or damaged hair that you try the lower heat settings first until you get an idea of what will work for you. If you have thicker hair feel free to start on the higher heat settings and see what your results are like. At the end of the day, experiment to see what works and what doesn’t.

I personally use the 12-second setting to curl my hair, which means it’ll take me on average 15 minutes to complete my hair for the day. I’ll end up with defined curls that’ll last the whole day and into the next. I’m trying not to sound too overenthusiastic, but the Perfect Curl is truly one the best curling methods I have ever used.

You’ll receive an audible warning of four beeps in quick succession which is your signal that the curl has completed and it’s time to release the handle and see what you’ve got. The only reason I mention this is because I’ve seen more than one youtube video which shows the user releasing their hair far too early.

If you attempt to curl any sections of your hair that are over 3cm thick or you haven’t correctly placed your hair into the curlers barrel, then the built-in sensors will warn you to release your hair to try again, either by inserting less hair or by eliminating any frizz which is adding extra volume.

The warning sound is quite unmissable, it sounds angry, and it’ll refuse to swirl your hair around the barrel chamber. The only thing you can do is release the handle, remove your hair and rectify the issue.

Once you’ve combed your hair, smoothed out any fuzz and perhaps placed the device a bit further down from your hair root, you’ll probably find your hair is accepted on the second attempt.

If you’ve done everything correctly releasing the handle will allow your perfectly formed curl to be released from the chamber. While you wait for the ringlet to cool move onto the next strand of hair. When you’ve finished allowing around 5 minutes for your hair to cool down and settle into its newly curled state.

Avoid brushing your hair as this might straighten it slightly. The best thing to do is run your fingers through your hair in order to separate the curls. If you wish you may apply a bit of hair wax in order to define the ends and use a bit of hairspray to set the style.

Once you’ve got to this point you can branch out and complete your look with some gorgeous Updos, like a messy Knot Top for a sexy chic look, or a Curly Chignon. With the Curl Secret, you’re really only limited to what your creativity and imagination can come up with, from braids to buns or anything else. I can almost guarantee that once you try the Curl Secret you’ll love it as much as I do.

Babyliss Curl Secret Pro’s

It’s easy to use and quick – Depending on how thick your hair is and how long it is, it might take between 10 and 20 minutes to finish curling your hair. This can be reduced with practice until you become an expert at curling your own hair.

The curls last – The curls produced by this styler last far longer than any other device I’ve ever used, whether that’s tongs, curling wands, GHD or ceramic curlers. He curls will easily last a whole day in near perfect condition and well into the next. Absolutely brilliant!
Automatic Alternating Curl Direction – One of the defining features of the Babyliss Curl Secret Pro is the fact that it automatically alternates the curl direction between each use. This makes the curls look far more natural.

Symmetrical Curls – As the Babyliss Curl Secret automatically applies the correct pressure, temperature and time, it means that even I can make my curls look symmetrical which is something I have consistently failed to do with any other method. Most of the time when I attempted to use curling irons on myself I would end up with huge variations in the curls produced. Some strands of hair would have tight curls, some would have loose curls, and some would be a mixture of the two. This would invariably look unnatural and make me wish I had the effort to make an appointment at the hairdressers. This is never an issue with the Babyliss Curl Secret.

Curling the back of your head is easy-peasy – When you need to curl the back of your head you’ll start to see the benefits this automatic curler has over traditional curlers. Rather than trying to dislocate your arm trying to twist your hair strands into curls, all you’ll need to do is part your hair down the centre and tilt your head so you can reach your hair from the side. This, of course, depends on how long your hair is. I have shoulder length hair and had no difficulties with this method.

As the resulting curls are largely unaffected by where you start the curling process, whether it’s higher up near the root or at the tip, you can easily adjust your methods to whatever technique you find easier.

The Cons

Not the best choice for long hair – The Babyliss was not made to be used on very long hair, anything that goes past the bust is classed as long. Nevertheless, there are plenty of examples online of ladies with long hair using the Curl Perfect with long hair. The main issue is that you’ll need to start the curling process further down and you may only end up with loose waves rather than curls. If that’s what you’re looking for then this automatic curler might still work for you.

Not great for already curly or wavy hair – If you’re already blessed with wavy, coarse or curly hair, then I strongly recommend that you do not use the Curl Secret. The exception to this is if you always straighten your hair before trying to curl it.

The price is a little bit on the high side – The Babyliss is one of the more expensive curlers available. It’ll cost you more than curling tongs, wavers and heated rollers, but it works and is very easy to use. There’s a lot to be said for convenience and for something that actually works. For the amount of time and frustration saved I would say it’s worth every penny.

Where to buy

The Babyliss Curl Secret is available from many high street stores, but I’m a fan of Amazon. The convenience of next day delivery is amazing and the returns policy is fantastic. I would rarely shop anywhere else for electronics.

Be wary of fakes and scams that are unfortunately available on some auction sites or in local listings.

To avoid any scams, follow the link and order your very own Curl Secret. Let me know what you think in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to answer any of your questions.

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