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13 Perfect Moissanite Rings

There are a fair few misconceptions about moissanite and what it is, as well as what it isn’t, and so hopefully reading this will clear up any misinformation you have about this often overlooked crystal. Moissanite is a mineral that occurs naturally on earth, but large moissanite crystals can’t be used in jewellery due to their immense scarcity. However, because moissanite has highly desirable qualities for a jewel, scientists have worked to recreate it in within the lab, and have been successful in doing so thanks to years of research, experimentation, and scientific advancements.

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Some believe that because the moissanite used in jewellery is lab-made, moissanite is a “fake” jewel, however just as certain medicines have been created through a scientific process but we would not call them “fake medicines” it’s false to consider moissanite “fake”. Moissanite is simply not mined – this is no reason to damage moissanite’s status as a marvellous jewel. A lot of time, effort and skill are required to produce moissanite, and scientists and craftspeople must labour for months before the remarkable final product is produced - moissanite is a child of both awe-inspiring art, and methodical science.

Some people have the misconception that moissanite is actually diamond or some form of it. This is likely because of moissanite and diamond share incredibly similar optical (though not chemical) properties, making them appear, in many cases, as identical. This is why moissanite is touted as a great alternative to diamond. Another similarity between diamond and moissanite is durability. Moissanite beats ruby, sapphire and emerald in terms of hardness (how easy it is to scratch a mineral), coming second only to diamond. This means that moissanite can only be scratched by diamond, or by itself. It is extremely resistant to inclusions such as chipping, fractures and abrasion, which means that you can have peace of mind that this precious jewel won’t get damaged if you store it with your other jewellery. Moissanite is undoubtedly a jewel that will go the distance, and could even possibly last a lifetime. What’s more, in the rare event that the moissanite incurs inclusions of some kind, these defects will not be visible to anyone unless observed by a microscope, due to moissanite’s impressive clarity.

Another significant advantage of choosing moissanite over the traditional diamond is that moissanite is obtained through cruelty-free means, seeing as it is lab-made. It is more ethical to opt for moissanite over diamond because there is no pollution or harming of animals and humans as a by-product because moissanite (for use in jewellery) is not mined. Mining for diamonds is infamously a dangerous trade for those involved, and it also has a negative impact on our environment.

Moissanites are the perfect jewel to celebrate milestones and achievements – be that a wedding, engagement, graduation, or a new addition to the family. Traditionally a jewel for women, a moissanite ring will be greatly treasured by the special woman in your life, perhaps your wife, your mother, or your grandmother. Moissanite has a universal appeal, and no matter the age and preference of your lady, she will no doubt be charmed by such a mesmerising jewel on her finger. Moissanite dazzles with its flashes of whites and the sparkles it produces in the sun, and can even refract rainbow to give you a truly wondrous light show. Moissanite’s scintillation means it will be sure to twinkle and shine, even if you’re not in the most flattering lighting, or are standing in dark lights. It’s available in a spectrum of hues, ranging from cooler to warmer, depending on what catches your loved one’s eye. Moissanites have a vivid and rich “brilliance”, exhibiting the kind of clean and crisp colours that even a diamond would fail to match.

However, if we are honest, moissanite is probably not the first jewel that pops into our minds when we consider jewellery and rings in particular. In fact, if you had to think of the most precious, and most memorable ring you could ever buy for say, an engagement, there’s no doubt that one jewel would stand out above the rest. Diamond. Diamonds have long been seen as the pinnacle of luxury and indulgence, as the most beautiful and decadent of all the jewels. There have even been various songs about diamonds and diamond jewellery, and the jewel has been put on a pedestal within popular culture.

Our infatuation with diamonds has been fuelled in part by rigorous marketing campaigns over the decades that have targeted women, in particular, conveying the message that diamonds are superior to all other jewels, and the ones to be desired (“diamonds are a girl’s best friends”). In reality, you have many more, equally gorgeous, options other than diamond such as ruby, sapphire, opal, and of course, moissanite. If you really do prefer the charm of a diamond above all other jewels, that’s no problem, but you should consider looking into moissanite as an alternative, as it comes with many of its own perks.

Moissanite is almost identical to diamond, some would say indistinguishable, and yet it retails for anywhere from 10% to 30% the cost of a diamond, so your bank account would no doubt be thankful if you opted for moissanite! Most certainly, your friends and family would never know you were wearing moissanite rather than diamond unless you told them. In fact, even some industry experts have been to known to be unable to identify a moissanite ring from a diamond one! Not bad going, eh?

Moissanites are likely the choice for you if you are considering investing your money in something other than jewellery, or perhaps in a jewel other than diamond, but still, want to own a jewel similar to a diamond. If you are willing to look beyond convention, moissanite can also make the perfect ring for your wedding or engagement. Even though it is much more affordable, you will never have to sacrifice or compromise on the glamour and charm that you would get with a diamond ring. Moissanite is the perfect accompaniment to any joyful occasion, and its mesmerising glow is not one that will be quickly forgotten by anyone who is lucky enough to wear it!


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