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Tungsten Rings

Men’s Tungsten rings are seeing a massive increase in popularity, they are now the go-to choice for many men tasked with finding a ring for the first time. As such, many men are looking into replacing the traditional gold wedding ring with a tungsten wedding ring. Tungsten is a heavy metal which is also incredibly hard and will keep its shines no matter what kind of conditions and abuse you throw at it. Fun fact: tungsten is so hard, long lasting, strong and has such a high melting point that it’s commonly used as a filament in incandescence light bulbs. A couple might be persuaded to buy a tungsten wedding ring as their durability could be used to symbolise their permanent and forever love (aww).

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Why Pick a Men’s Tungsten Ring





The main benefit of tungsten is its resilience and hardness, which means it’ll last an incredibly long amount of time, tens if not hundreds of years. Additionally, tungsten will not easily tarnish, which means if it’s finished to a bright shine, it’ll keep on shining. A well-polished tungsten ring will have an almost mirror-like finish, which is unlike any other metal. As the metal is incredibly tough, it’s also innately resistant to scratching. Tungsten is roughly 300% harder than titanium and nearly as much as 900% harder than 18-carat gold.


If you’ve ever worn a silver or gold ring before, then you’ll know how easily they can scratch and lose their lustre. Tungsten does not have this problem. Anyone that works with their hands goes to the gym, occasionally does gardening or performs a spot of DIY can benefit from wearing a hard wearing and manly ring.

How To Make Your Own Tungsten Ring

If you’re thinking about buying a Tungsten ring, or you’re considering forging your own, then you’ll probably want to know how they are made.

The first step involves grinding up some choice pieces of Wolframite ore, carbon and a couple of other choice elements, ensure the mixture is like a fine powder. Take the ore mixture and place it into a ring blank, you really have to stuff it in there, hydraulics will probably help to get as much powder into the blank as possible.

Take the powder filled ring blank and fire it in an oxygen-free furnace, ensure the temperature exceeds 1400 Degrees Celsius. Once the ring has been well cooked you’ll end up with what looks like a solid black blank. This blank needs to be ground into the required shape and then polished as required. At the end of this procedure, you’ll have a beautiful hardwearing Tungsten Ring. Alternatively, you could buy one from us instead.

Types of Men’s Tungsten Ring

Despite the forging process being quite difficult, long and complicated, there are actually many variations of the tungsten ring available to buy. This is largely due to the ever-increasing popularity of these masculine rings.

Classic Dome Tungsten Ring

Widely considered to be the quintessential wedding ring. The ring is available in widths ranging from 2mm through to 16mm and it can be finished in a range of styles, from satin through to colourful.

Classic Court Flat Tungsten Ring

The court flat tungsten ring is a simple yet elegant style and is characterised by the flat top of the ring.

Coloured Tungsten Ring

This ring is often black and gold, but may also be silver, platinum or bronze in colour. A single highlighted brightly coloured line down the middle of the ring or a coloured inner surface serves to add a splash of colour.

Carved Tungsten Ring

This type of ring encompasses a range varieties which might be a ridge, faceted or textured in many other ways.

Brushed or Grooved Tungsten Ring

Can come in many forms but they are generally matt in appearance.

All of these styles are suitable for men to wear and what you pick largely comes down to personal preference.

What Else to Consider

There are some things that are worth keeping in mind when picking a tungsten ring. Perhaps most importantly you need to know that these rings cannot be resized. Due to incredible toughness and the forging process, there is just no practical way of resizing a ring. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that you know your ring size before deciding to buy. You’ll also want to take into consideration the size of your knuckles and what any weather changes, changes in altitude or injuries might do to the size of your fingers.

Many men have knuckles which are larger than the rest of their finger, which might make putting the ring on a bit difficult. If you are someone with knuckles that exceed the base of their finger, then it’s well worthwhile considering getting a larger ring size. Changes to pressure and weather conditions can cause fingers to swell, if you’re one of the people that find they have swollen fingers in hot weather, this may be something you’ll want to consider when choosing your ring size. Ideally, you’ll want a ring that fits all year round, regardless of the weather, heat and pressure.

Watch out for rings that are made with cobalt and nickel, especially if you have allergies. Many people find that they have an allergic reaction to nickel, which even if it’s very mild, might become uncomfortable over time. It’s best to leave nickel out when picking your ring. Tungsten rings that have cobalt included might not be as resilient as vanilla Tungsten ring, this may or may not be a problem, depending on how much abuse you’re going to through at your ring. If you might end up hitting the ring with a hammer, this is probably an issue.

The rings are quite heavy and can be quite large. If you want something slender and lightweight then tungsten is probably not a great choice, having said that, slimmer tungsten rings are now becoming available.

Caring for a Tungsten Ring

If you’ve decided to go ahead and purchase a tungsten ring, you’ll want to ensure its kept in great condition, continuing to stay beautiful and bright.

Despite tungsten rings being made from one of the hardest materials available, they are not impervious to damage. If you can, remove your ring before undertaking any DIY or going to the gym. As well as keeping your ring safe, this also helps keep you safe.

Wash the ring with soap and water regularly. You can clean the ring while you’re still wearing it, but it should be done regularly. This helps keep your ring and fingers sanitary, but it also helps to prevent the oils and salts from your hand adversely affecting the ring.

Lastly, enjoy your Tungsten ring, with the right treatment and care it’ll last many generations of wear.


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